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Lindale ISD Special Programs

Parent Academy

The Lindale ISD Special Education Parent Academy is a series of informational sessions/newsletters specifically designed to assist parents by building awareness of a range of social-emotional, academic, and Special Education topics. Academy participants will gain knowledge pertinent to each topic while also learning strategies and proven techniques to assist in supporting students.

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Monthly Training Newsletters

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Parent Information

Special Education Parent Handbook

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This SPED Parent Handbook helps parents navigate the Special Education process using facilitation skills and strategies. It follows the Child-Centered Special Education Process and includes material designed to empower parents to become advocates for their children through:

  • Initial Evaluation

  • Development of an Individual Education Program (IEP)

  • Collaboration in Annual, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) meetings

  • Dismissal, Graduation, and Revocation of services

Lindale ISD Parent Handbook


Parent's Guide to the ARD Process

The Parent’s Guide to the Admission, Review, and Dismissal Process is a comprehensive document that explains the admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) process and contains information that assists parents in participating effectively in the ARD committee for their child.  Parents must be provided this document prior to the initial ARD meeting or upon request. Local education agencies (LEAs) are encouraged to maintain documentation of dissemination in the child’s eligibility folder.

Online Parent Trainings

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Lindale ISD Special Programs


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