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Gifted and Talented

GT Coordinator - Angie Lockwood

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Summer Camp Scholarships from Region 7 Educational Service Center!

Rhett Schenck - 3rd Grade VPE

Ava Cooper - 4th Grade EJM

Zachary Crisler - 4th Grade EJM

Alexander Nordin - 4th Grade EJM

Ryan Roddy 6th Grade EJM

GT Referrals:

If you wish to refer a student for the Gifted & Talented Program, please complete the appropriate referral form below based on the student’s current grade level.

All notifications regarding 22-23 GT referrals and placements for the 23-24 school year will be mailed out by June 9th.

The goals for the LISD Gifted and Talented Program enable students to become individuals whose education allows them opportunities to grow in their areas of giftedness. With this in mind the following has been adopted:


  • Gifted and Talented students will engage in self-directed learning and independent research at an advance and complex level as a precursor to continuing self-motivation, exploration and discovery, and lifelong learning.


  • Gifted and Talented students will develop advanced critical/creative thinking skills and will apply them in problem solving tasks and increasingly advanced intellectual products. 


  • Gifted and Talented students will experience topics in greater depth and complexity and will integrate concepts across content areas through independent projects, studies, and research.


  • Gifted and Talented students will demonstrate effective communication styles through presentation skills that utilize technology.

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