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As required by House Bill 3261, STAAR will be administered online beginning in the 2022-2023
school year. The STAAR online testing platform offers all students multiple online tools to
support the testing process. In addition, the STAAR assessments no longer have a time limit.
Students are expected to complete STAAR tests in about three hours; however, any student
who needs additional time may continue testing until the end of the school day.
To support students with the online testing transition, students will be provided multiple
opportunities to experience online testing platforms through the district learning assessments,
STAAR Interims for specific subjects, and STAAR practice tests. Parents are encouraged to
access the Practice Tests Login located on the Texas Assessment website to explore practice
tests. Practice Tests Login is found under the section How to Help Prepare Your Child. STAAR
testing dates are posted below. For questions regarding local and state assessments, contact
your Campus Testing Coordinator.

STAAR Resources

Texas Assessment - Students and Families
STAAR Test Opting-Out FAQ
STAAR Assessment Testing Calendar 23-24
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