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Success for All!

Megan Stanley, Director of Special Programs- 

Office Phone: (903) 881-4030 

Fax: (903) 881-4031

Administrative Assistant: Sarah Griffin


The Lindale ISD Special Programs department works alongside campuses, staff, and administrators to coordinate and implement special education Services.


Our mission is to provide individualized learning opportunities, services, and support to students in order to help them to achieve their potential. We are committed to fostering collaborative partnerships with parents, campus/school teams, and the community to help achieve our mission.


Our department has continued to experience significant growth in past years and this school year. There are currently 850 students receiving special education services and 470 students receiving Section 504 services in Lindale ISD. Each student has an individualized team of support staff based on his/her needs. This team includes: therapists, teachers, administrators, and parents who work collaboratively to develop individualized plans that will help our students succeed.


In addition to each student’s team, students are provided with individualized services and plans to meet their needs. These services may include: Speech, Occupational, and/or Physical Therapies, Counseling, Specialized Instructional Settings, such as Resource or Learning Lab, Life Skills, Functional Academics, Redirect and Refocus,and Adaptive Behavior Classes. Other services and programs include: Transition Services, Dyslexia Instruction, Special Olympics, Community-Based Instruction, Early Childhood Special Education, and the 18+ Pathways Program. Additionally, the Special Programs Department values parent partnership in order to help students be successful.


The success of our students, staff, and that of our programs are undoubtedly attributed to our talented and dedicated staff, amazing students, committed and supportive families, and the unwavering support of our Lindale community!

Leigh Parker

Assistant Director

Sarah Griffin

Lanette Tipton

Records Specialist

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